Publishing 101 – Offset and Digital Printing

What is Offset Printing?

Offset printing technology use aluminum plates that transfer an image onto a rubber “blanket” wherein the image roll in sheets of papers. Once the plates were set up, offset printing machines run so efficiently and fast. This is the reason why offset printing is the best choice when printing larger quantities. Offset printing provides high quality color results.

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is the process of printing from a computer generated digital image using a high-speed inkjet or laser printer. Digital printing used toner or liquid ink. It is primarily used for short-run print orders because of its quick turn around and lesser-cost capabilities.

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Publishing 101 – Buhay Imprenta Tagalog/English Terms in Printing

  • Dugtungan = Continuous  flow of design between two or more pages
  • Ibaba = Stop the process
  • Isalang = To print
  • Kapal = Thickness
  • Kopya = Copy
  • Makinis na Papel = Glossy paper or C2S (coated both sides) paper
  • Hindi makinis na papel = Normally Matte paper
  • Mock-up = Sample output of product using actual materials and process
  • Nakalubog = Debossing
  • Nakasalang = On printing process
  • Naka-stapler = Saddle Stitch
  • Nakaumbok = Embossing
  • Pahina = Page
  • Panunod = Next project in the machine
  • Patama = Start up of printing production
  • Patamaan = Sheets/papers use in the beginning of printing process to get the actual color. Once actual color are approved, mass production will start
  • Plantsa = Aluminum plates
  • Resma = Ream (500 sheets of paper)
  • Spine = Outer gluing side/perfect bind side of magazine/book
  • Tahi = Smythe sewn
  • Tinira = Finished in printing
  • Tinta = Ink
  • Tirada = Printed copies
  • Titirahin = For printing

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